Some 5,000 Volunteer to Help Pilgrims in Mecca during Hajj
IQNA – The Mecca arm of the Saudi Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Dawah and Guidance has launched programs to serve Hajj pilgrims with some 5,000 people set to volunteer for them.
09:50 , 2024 May 30
Syria-Saudi Hajj Air Route Reopens After Over A Decade
IQNA – Direct flights facilitating Syrian Hajj pilgrims' journey to Saudi Arabia have resumed, marking an end to 12-year travel hiatus.
13:27 , 2024 May 28
Hajj 2024: Some 365,000 Pilgrims Land in Medina
IQNA – Medina has seen the arrival of approximately 364,759 foreign pilgrims ahead of the forthcoming annual Hajj pilgrimage, as per recent reports.
14:14 , 2024 May 26
Iran’s Envoy Holds Talks with Saudi Supreme Hajj Committee Chief  
IQNA – Iran’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Ali Reza Enayati held talks with Abdulaziz bin Saud bin Naif, Saudi Arabia’s minister of the interior and chairman of the Supreme Hajj Committee.
13:09 , 2024 May 27
Over 26,000 Iranians in Saudi Arabia for Hajj
IQNA – Since the dispatch of pilgrims started earlier this month, the number of Iranians arriving in Saudi Arabia for this year’s Hajj has exceeded 26,150.
22:19 , 2024 May 26
Hajj Pilgrims Take Every Opportunity to Read Quran at Masa’a
IQNA – Hajj pilgrims going to  the Masa’a try to make the most of every opportunity they have to read verses from the Holy Quran.
21:46 , 2024 May 26
Kaaba's Kiswa Raised Amid Preparations for 2024 Hajj
IQNA – The lower part of the Kaaba's kiswa – the black cloth that covers the holy site – has been raised in a traditional ritual ahead of the annual Hajj pilgrimage.
19:05 , 2024 May 24
Major Operational Plan for Hajj Aims to Enrich Pilgrims’ Religious Experience
IQNA – A major operational plan was launched for the 2024 Hajj season earlier this week.
15:03 , 2024 May 25
Pilgrims Try to Benefit Most from Opportunity of Visiting Prophet’s Mosque
IQNA – Hajj pilgrims who are in Medina are trying to make the most of the opportunity for visiting the Prophet’s Mosque.
16:28 , 2024 May 21
Tehraners Mark Imam Reza’s Birth Anniversary with Special Event
IQNA – The Iranian capital of Tehran was imbued with a festive spirit on Friday as residents from all corners of the city converged in downtown to mark Imam Reza’s (AS) birth anniversary.
09:34 , 2024 May 18
Cloud Seeding Program Aims to Improve Mecca Weather Conditions during Hajj
IQNA – A cloud seeding program will be implemented in the holy city of Mecca to improve the weather conditions during the Hajj season.
09:13 , 2024 May 21
5th Intl. Imam Reza Congress Sheds light on Imam's View on Justice
IQNA – Scholars highlight Imam Reza’s teachings on justice at the Fifth International Imam Reza Congress.
13:40 , 2024 May 19