Saudi Ministry Clarifies Umrah Visa Terms Ahead of Hajj Pilgrimage

IQNA – Riyadh has clarified Umrah visa terms, noting that pilgrims have to leave the Kingdom by June 6.
Mourning Ceremonies to Mark Hazrat Abdul Azim’s Demise Anniversary  
IQNA – A series of mourning rituals and religious programs are planned to be organized at the holy shrine of Hazrat Abdul Azim Hassani (AS) on the anniversary of the revered figure’s demise.
19:20 , 2024 Apr 21
Iranian Pilgrims to Perform Umrah after 9 Years  
IQNA – A number of pilgrims from Iran will leave for Saudi Arabia Monday morning for Umrah, becoming the first group of Iranians to perform the pilgrimage after nine years.
15:59 , 2024 Apr 21
First Batch of Iranian Umrah Pilgrims to Leave for Land of Revelation Next Week
IQNA – The first group of Iranian pilgrims will leave the country for the land of revelation next week, an official said.
09:22 , 2024 Apr 17
Arbaeen March An Example of Noble Islamic Culture: Iranian Envoy to Iraq
IQNA – Iran’s Ambassador to Iraq Mohammad Kazem Al Sadeq described the annual Arbaeen march as an example of noble Islamic culture.
22:21 , 2024 Apr 18
Int’l Conference on Baqi Launched in Qom
IQNA – An international conference titled “Baqi Cemetery, Burial Place of Imams and Companions” kicked off in the Iranian holy city of Qom on Thursday.
19:30 , 2024 Apr 18
Hazrat Abbas Holy Shrine Closed for Dusting, Cleaning
IQNA – The gates to the holy shrine of Hazrat Abbas (AS) in Karbala, Iraq, were closed for a few hours Sunday evening for cleaning and dusting.
17:20 , 2024 Apr 15
Medina Forum to Discuss Opportunities to Improve Umrah Pilgrimage Experience
IQNA – The first edition of an Umrah and Ziyarah (pilgrimage) Forum is set to start next Monday, April 22, in the holy city of Medina.
20:09 , 2024 Apr 16
Ayatollah Khamenei Leads Eid Al-Fitr Prayer in Tehran
IQNA – Tens of thousands of people convened at Imam Khomeini Mosalla to observe Eid al-Fitr prayer on Wednesday.
09:47 , 2024 Apr 10
Over 30 Million Pilgrims Perform Umrah in Ramadan
IQNA – The number of pilgrims performing Umrah in Mecca during the holy month of Ramadan this year exceeded 30 million.
19:18 , 2024 Apr 13
Eid Prayers Attract Huge Number of Worshippers in Karbala
IQNA – Eid al-Fitr prayers in the holy city of Karbala saw a massive presence of worshippers and pilgrims on Wednesday.
09:40 , 2024 Apr 11
Qadr Night in Mecca: Record-Breaking 2.5 Million Muslims Convene at Grand Mosque
In a historic gathering, 2.5 million Muslims converged at the Grand Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, on Friday to commemorate one of the most sacred nights of Ramadan this year.
12:18 , 2024 Apr 06
Iftar Festival of Nations Held at Ahl-ul-Bayt University  
IQNA – The Ahl-ul-Bayt (AS) International University in Tehran hosted an ‘Iftar Festival of Nations’ Monday night.
20:09 , 2024 Apr 09